“Why Jesus Matters?” (Sermon # 1)

Sermon (Brief) Notes

Sermon # 1

Sermon Title: “Why Jesus Matters?”

*** This is a series of four sermons on the Person, Character, and Work of Jesus Christ.

Text: Colossians 1:13-17

Date: Sunday, July 2, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Joseph

Occasion: Launch of “Jesus Center Community Church”/Worship Service Kickoff (9:00am-10:30am)

Introductory Notes:  THE MISSION of Jesus Center Community Church is to make King Jesus highly exalted, admired, and greatly honored among all people. In through our vision, we exalt Christ Jesus through community outreach and discipleship: serving, loving, and connecting people. We believe only Christ can impart true meaning to someone’s life and only in Him can one be fully satisfied and find sustaining and everlasting joy.

At Jesus Center Community Church, we highlight and proclaim the supremacy of Christ in all things. Jesus is the “Center” in all we do as a community of faith, which includes our engagement with Scripture, corporate worship, community outreach, relationship-building, fellowship, and discipleship. We are intentional about serving and strengthening individuals, loving and empowering families, and transforming our neighboring communities and cities in the Treasure Coast to the glory of God.  We believe in the power of the Gospel and a God-centered life to foster positive and interpersonal relationships with individuals and families in our neighboring cities and communities and to create a healthy, peaceful, and non-threatening environment so that our children, young people, and adults in the Treasure Coast could grow, flourish, and honor Christ.

This is a series of four sermons on the Person, Identity, and Work of Jesus Christ. Today (7/2/2017), we will consider this topic “Why Jesus Matters”? Next week, we will talk about “Jesus and the Church” (7/09/2017: Col. 1:18-20 and Other Passages). In the third sermon (7/19/2016) (Part 2 of “Jesus and the Church”), we will pick up from where we left by considering various biblical passages. The final sermon in the series is entitled “Jesus and the World. At “Jesus Center,” our overarching objective in this life is to be like Jesus and to love and honor the Triune God in all our heart, soul, and our intellect, as well as to prioritize Him in our choices and actions.

What would you say to someone who asks you this question: Why Jesus? Why should I follow Jesus? Why should I become a Christian? What would you say to that friend, colleague, co-worker, family member, an atheist, agnostic, or a  humanist? In this sermon, I want to highlight four reasons “Why Jesus Matters?” or why should anyone consider following Jesus?

In the first sermon or first part of the series, Dr. Joseph provides four reasons why Jesus matters.

Reason # 1: Jesus has supreme authority and ultimate power over all things, all peoples, and all nations (v.16)

Reason # 2: Jesus is the end or goal of all that exists—including you and I (v.16b)

Reason # 3: Jesus holds everything together by his power and strength (v.17).

Reason # 4: Jesus, the God-Man, while on earth has graciously embodied all the divine attributes and virtues, both visible and invisible, both transcendent and immanent.


Expository Outline of Colossians 1:13-17

I.  The Gracious Actions of God Towards Us (v.13)

  • According to verse 13, God takes the initiative to bestow his grace upon us who did not deserve his grace, and shower us with his love who did not merit to be loved.

a) God’s first initiative: He has set us free/delivered us/rescued us from the Kingdom of this world.

  • From where?
  • The Kingdom of this world
  • The domain of darkness
  • The sphere of the Evil one

b) God’s second initiative: he has transferred us to the Kingdom of Jesus

–this action of God reflects God’s ultimate desire and end goal.

–Why did God set us free?

So we can be with Jesus

II. The Results of God’s Actions (v.14)

  • Three Implications

a) Redemption (v.14)

b) Forgiveness of sins (v.14)

c) Peace through his blood (v.20)

***It is only those who trust in Jesus in this life and the life to come, and it is also those individuals who set their hope and destiny in Christ alone shall have these spiritual benefits in this life. These benefits also bear important implications in our relationship with God and people. Our understanding of Jesus and our relationship with Christ determines everything we do in this life. Our choice to live for and follow Jesus in this life shape our values, worldview, ethic, moral choices and actions or the opposite.  We gain redemption, forgiveness, and peace with God by being in the “Kingdom of God’s beloved Son,” that is we pledge full allegiance to Jesus as King, as we are committing our lives to following Him as Lord and Savior in this life.

III. Who is this Jesus? (vv. 13 & 14)

  • What is the identity of this King and God’s beloved Son? (v. 13)
  • Verse 13 already affirms that Jesus, who is God’s beloved Son, is a King. Notice the statement that is used “he has transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son” (v.13)
  • In verse 15, we learn two essential truths about Jesus’ identity:
  1. He is the “image of God” (v.15)
  2. He is the “firstborn” of all creation (v.15)

–Jesus is called these two titles by virtue of his manifold functions and roles, which are discussed in vv. 17-20, and in relation to God, God’s creation, the world, humanity, and the Church. First of all, in Jesus, the God-Man, God was made visible through the incarnation and through Jesus’ life, actions, humility, power, authority, holiness, compassion, love, forgiveness, and relationship with people.