Sermon Notes: “Worship Jesus the Christ, the King of Glory” (Isaiah 9: 1-7)

Sermon #

Sermon Title: “Worship Jesus the Christ, the King of Glory”

Text:Isaiah 9: 1-7

Series: “Worship Pleasing to God”

Date: Sunday, December 24, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Joseph, Lead Pastor

# 1: The Restorative Ministry and Transformative Actions of Immanuel (Isaiah 9:1-2)

  • Divine interruption in the dark (9:2b) = “God is with us, O Immanuel” (8:10, 7; 7:14)
  • The coming of Jesus must be seen as God’s interrupting in our darkness (Matthew 4:15-16; 1:23) which brings about salvation and redemption to those dwell in sin and walk in the valley and shadow of spiritual death, and existential death characterized by human suffering and pain, dehumanization, isolation, deception, lie, abuse, exploitation, etc.)
  • Jesus came to restore our humanity that was spiritually bankrupt and devoid of God’s life and presence, and devoid of the real essence of (meaning of) life and dignity, according to God’s plan for our life.

# 2: The meaning of the coming of “Immanuel” (Jesus as God with us) signals the salvific invasion of Divine Presence in Israel’s history and global (human) history

The interpretation of the coming of Jesus the Christ as good news for the poor, the humiliated, the hopeless, the outcasts, and the dying world is attested by various individuals :

1.Through Mary’s lips: Luke 1: 46-56

2.Through Zachariah’s prophetic words: Luke 1:68-80

3.Through the words of the angels: Luke 2:10-11, 14

4.Through the lips of Simeon: Luke 2:29-32

The Hope of Immanuel

  • The Coming of Jesus the Messiah is conceived as a moment of exhilarating joy and excitement and astounding delight (Isaiah 9:3)
  • It is the historic and special moment in which God grants us rest for our tired soul (9:4-3)
  • The interruption of Immanuel is described in the agrarian language…as a moment of harvest in which farmers reap the fruit their produce and labor (9:3)

# 3: The Glory and Majesty of Immanuel  (Isaiah 9:6-7)

The identity of the child, whom Isaiah calls “Immanuel” and the Gospel writers also call Jesus “Immanuel” bear four divine names and titles. These names are associated with the singular character, distinctive virtues, and awesome attributes of God himself. Not only in his person, he will exhibit these divine qualities, his kingship will promote these virtues.

The Fourfold Divine Names and Titles of Immanuel

The names and titles, which the Messiah bears, are the very Names for God. The Messiah bears God’s name because He is God himself.

  • Wonderful Counselor—Yahweh is described as One who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom (Isaiah 28:29)
  • Mighty God: Read Deut. 10:17; 10:12-22; Jeremiah 32:18
  • Everlasting Father: he is connected to God’s pastoral and caring function to his people. Is. 63:16, God is called our father and our redeemer and the One who saves us. For meaning of everlasting, see Ps. 72:17
  • Prince of Peace: an important characteristic of his personality and rule (Ps. 72:7)

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