Tutoring & Mentoring Opportunities, and New Ministry Projects for a New Year (2018)

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Exciting!!! Exciting!!! Exciting!!!

Are you ready for 2018?

Below, we would like to share with you some of the major undertakings, as they relate to new tutoring and mentoring opportunities, and new ministry opportunities at Jesus Center for the new year 2018. We want to invite you to be part of what God is doing at Jesus Center to reach out to the people in various communities in Fort Pierce and its surroundings. Our aim at Jesus Center is to exalt King Jesus and to develop effective biblical discipleship and friendship through serving, loving, and connecting the people in Fort Pierce. We cordially invite you to embark this journey with us in the dawn of a fresh and promising new year 2018.

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1 . “The Grove at Jesus center” :  Real Life Issues & Gospel-Centered Conversations with and for the Millennials (Beginning 2nd week of January, 2018)

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  • Relevant conversations to life’s big questions, challenges,  and big decisions-making…
  • Spiritual Growth, Intellectually Stimulating, Socially-engaging…
  • Mentoring and Tutoring opportunities…
  • Faithful to the Biblical Text….
  • A place to cultivate relational and enduring friendship…

Some Topics to be Covered

  • Careers & Professions (I do not know what I want to do in life; this is so hard to figure out.)
  • Life Goals & Dreams
  • Peer Pressure & Self Esteem
  • Love, Dating, & Relationship (I”m a girl; can I have a loving and intimate relationship with another girl”?)
  • Singleness & Dating (“I’m a boy; can I date another boy?”) (“Does God have a specific person he wants me to date or marry”?)
  • Sexual Purity (“Why can’t I have sex with my boyfriend/girlfriend”?)
  • Lust & Pornography (“Why is is wrong to look at porn”?)
  • Sexual harassment (“When does sexual harassment happen”?)
  • Modesty for young men and women
  • Gay Marriage in the Church (“I’m a Christian homosexual/lesbian; I’m dating this young man/woman whom I really love. We would like to get married in the Church.”)
  • Gender Identity, Transgenderism, & Sexual Orientation (“I’m a Christian and was born a girl, but I do not feel like a girl in the inside; When I get older and have the money, I’m thinking seriously about gender my sex to be a boy.)
  • Women Leadership in the Church
  • Christian artists collaborating with secular artists (“Why can’t Jay Z or Eminence and my favorite contemporary Christian artist or band make together an album. I do not see anything wrong about two artists collaborating to get something done for the Lord”)
  • God and suffering in the world
  • poverty issues
  • race problem
  • Unity and Disunity in the Church
  • Christian Millennials in the Church
  • Christian Millennials for Jesus

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2. Tutoring and Mentoring Opportunities: Middle & High School Students (Beginning 3rd week of January, 2018)




Jesus Center will be offering free tutoring to students at different grade level, including Middle and High School students, in Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, Vero Beach, and their surroundings. Free Tutoring will cover the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • English
  • Reading
  • Writing

At Jesus Center, we believe in the cooperative partnership with families and schools  to foster effective education programs, strong character-development,  strong families, and a strong community toward the common good of all people in Fort Pierce and its surroundings. We are a Church that walks “with” the people in the community and a community of faith that actively engages “in” the various spheres of people’s lives.

3. New Teaching Series: “One in Christ:” A Conversation on the Book of Ephesians (Beginning First week of January, 2018)

  • When: Sunday, January 7, 2018
  • Verse by Verse and Chapter by Chapter Exposition
  • Relevant Teaching to Life
  • Faithful to the Biblical Text

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Some Topics to be Covered

  • God’s mediating grace in salvation
  • Instructions concerning the Christian family
  • Instructions about the relationships between the Christian husband and the Christian wife
  • The Practical consequences of the Christian life
  • Christianity and the Social Order
  • Instructions on how to live together in love and understanding
  • The imperative of (Christian) unity and reconciliation
  • Election & Predestination of God
  • The relationship between Christ’s followers and the social order
  • Sanctification by the Spirit of God


**** To view these announcements in the PowerPoint format, click on the link below

Jesus Center ANNOUNCEMENTS: New Year 2018