“One in Christ”: A Conversation on the Book of Ephesians

New Teaching Series: “One in Christ:” A Conversation on the Book of Ephesians (Beginning First week of January, 2018)

  • When: Sunday, January 7, 2018
  • Verse by Verse Exposition
  • Chapter by Chapter Exposition
  • Relevant Teaching to Life
  • Faithful to the Biblical Text


Ephesians poster

Some Topics to be Covered

  • God’s mediating grace in salvation
  • Instructions concerning the Christian family
  • Instructions about the relationships between the Christian husband and the Christian wife
  • The Practical consequences of the Christian life
  • Christianity and the Social Order
  • Instructions on how to live together in love and understanding
  • The imperative of (Christian) unity and reconciliation
  • Election & Predestination of God
  • The relationship between Christ’s followers and the social order
  • Sanctification by the Spirit of God
  • Spiritual warfare