“The Grove” at Jesus Center

 “The Grove at Jesus center” :

Real Life Issues & Gospel-Centered Conversations with and for the Millennials

(Beginning 2nd week of January, 2018)

  • Relevant conversations to life’s big questions, challenges,  and big decisions-making…
  • Spiritual Growth, Intellectually Stimulating, Socially-engaging…
  • Mentoring and Tutoring opportunities…
  • Faithful to the Biblical Text….
  • A place to cultivate relational and enduring friendship…

“The Grove” team meets biweekly and every Tuesday night at 7:00 P.M. in the location of Jesus Center Community Church. The name “grove”  refers to “a group of small trees planted close together to produce fruit or nut”  (Cambridge Dictionary & Merriam-Webste).  The goal of this new initiative at Jesus Center is to provide a safe, friendly, and relational space for the millennials and young people (Middle & High School Students, as well as College Students) to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially–contributing to the common good of our community and our city of Fort Pierce and its surrounding.

As a church, we want to be a support group that assists the young people of our city to deal effectively and constructively with the everyday issues of life include matters pertaining to religion, God, the church, career choices, mentoring opportunities, cultural issues, political issues, social and justice issues, love, dating, marriage, gender identity, sexual identity, etc.  Not only we want to be a “support-faith community group” to the millennials, we want to do life together with them, engage them in constructive and Christ-centered conversations, and provide guidance, orientation, and mentoring to them.

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Some Topics to be Covered

  • Careers & Professions (I do not know what I want to do in life; this is so hard to figure out.)
  • Life Goals & Dreams
  • Peer Pressure & Self Esteem
  • Love, Dating, & Relationship (I”m a girl; can I have a loving and intimate relationship with another girl”?)
  • Singleness & Dating (“I’m a boy; can I date another boy?”) (“Does God have a specific person he wants me to date or marry”?)
  • Sexual Purity (“Why can’t I have sex with my boyfriend/girlfriend”?)
  • Lust & Pornography (“Why is is wrong to look at porn”?)
  • Sexual harassment (“When does sexual harassment happen”?)
  • Modesty for young men and women
  • Gay Marriage in the Church (“I’m a Christian homosexual/lesbian; I’m dating this young man/woman whom I really love. We would like to get married in the Church.”)
  • Gender Identity, Transgenderism, & Sexual Orientation (“I’m a Christian and was born a girl, but I do not feel like a girl in the inside; When I get older and have the money, I’m thinking seriously about gender my sex to be a boy.)
  • Women Leadership in the Church
  • Christian artists collaborating with secular artists (“Why can’t Jay Z or Eminence and my favorite contemporary Christian artist or band make together an album. I do not see anything wrong about two artists collaborating to get something done for the Lord”)
  • God and suffering in the world
  • poverty issues
  • race problem
  • Unity and Disunity in the Church
  • Christian Millennials in the Church

The Grove