“God’s Providence and Rewards Through Faithful Prayers”

“God’s Providence and Rewards Through Faithful Prayers”
Prayer is one of the most important spiritual disciplines in the Christian life; yet it is probably one of the most neglected spiritual activities among contemporary Christians and the modern church in America. By contrast, Jesus states bluntly that “My house [the church] should be called a house of prayer,” wherein believers come to seek and pursue God through corporate prayer and intercession. The God of the Bible is a God who hears, responds, and acts upon the prayers of his people; thus, he invites his children to pursue him through the means of prayer, and he rewards them when they do. He also uses prayer as a medium to providentially accomplish his will or desires in the world, as well as the will and the desires of those who love and worship him.
May we invite you to join us tomorrow morning (Sunday, February 10) at 10:00 am at Jesus Center Community Church for corporate worship and an excellent teaching on the subject of prayer.
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